We've seen some crazy character designs from the fighting game genre recently, especially in this current season of Killer Instinct. We weren't sure how Iron Galaxy planned on topping a giant golem and a Japanese ghost, but the Ultratech CEO known as Aria takes the cake. Be prepared, because Aria is looking for a fight. Aria the robot is going to make one badass final addition to Season Two of Killer Instinct.

Iron Galaxy's most recent "textual stream" posted to the game's official message boards details everything players will need to know about Aria without actually seeing her in action, and based on the information we're given, this character sounds totally bonkers. Aria is essentially three characters in one, each form depending on the drone the player has activated in battle: Booster Drone makes her faster and more maneuverable in the air, Blade Drone adds blade-based attacks and scores chip damage from normal attacks, and Bass Drone can fill the screen with projectiles.

Here's where things get weird: unlike every other character who has to be "downed" twice to be defeated, Aria is conquered by defeating all three of the separate drones. However, each drone also has less health than the standard life bar, and once that drone is gone, Aria can no longer use its powers. Aria can call out whichever drones aren't activated to assist, but they can take damage while assisting and be lost in battle that way as well.

Basically, players who wish to master Aria will have to consider triple the amount of situations as other characters in the game, making her uber complex, but those who do master her have the potential to become simply untouchable, making her a high-risk, high-reward character. She will not be for the faint of heart, but in the right hands she could be a total powerhouse.

We'll have more on Aria as Iron Galaxy reveals more information, including her official addition to the Killer Instinct: Season Two roster later this month.