Things are about to heat up in the world of Killer Instinct, as Cinder will finally join the playable roster next week.

Cinder's official trailer (seen above) shows off his fiery brand of Killer Instinct justice, complete with classic moves like the flip kick and fire dash stringing some massive combos together. He also seems to have a bit of an attitude as well, sarcastically quipping about his opponents in a way that reminds us of Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2. His design definitely wasn't what we had in mind for the character when we first found out he was coming to the game, but we're certainly not complaining.

At the end of the trailer comes a teaser for Aria, the mechanical and seemingly nefarious Ultratech construct that will presumably be the final boss of KI's soon-to-be-released Story Mode patch. We don't see much of this new boss outside of a silhouette and glowing white eyes, but it's enough to make us wonder how challenging she's going to be. Killer Instinct has a history of incredibly hard bosses, after all.

Cinder marks the end of Season 2 for Killer Instinct (outside of Aria of course), and we have to say we're really growing fond of this new approach to fighting games. This is a game that originally launched with the Xbox One if you'll recall, and yet here we are still talking about roster additions and getting genuinely excited for what's to come. Not many fighters have a year-long life span let alone approaching two years, but Killer Instinct continues to chug along and the fighting genre is better for it. We're certainly hoping for a third season.

Cinder arrives in Killer Instinct Season 2 on April 30 for those who purchased the Ultra Combo Edition of the game and on May 6 for everyone else.