ThreeZero debuted a few new video game-based figures at Toy Soul last weekend, including updates to its Titanfall and recently announced Mass Effect line.

Earlier this year, ThreeZero opened pre-orders for its Commander Shepard figure from Mass Effect 3, and images for Shep teased the possibility of a Geth soldier. Based on the reveals at Toy Soul, it's clear it won't just be any Geth, it will be Legion joining the series.


ThreeZero also showed off the early prototype for its upcoming Titanfall Ogre Titan, too. Though the Stryder hasn't even released yet (or been shown much outside of preliminary images), it's good to see the company plans to finish out the line with the third major mech from Respawns game. As you can see below, it's pretty massive, and includes a working cockpit, rocket launcher, and big ol' machine gun.

Toy People

While there are no specific details about either of the two new figures revealed, the figures are sure to be great quality -- something ThreeZero is known for. At the moment, the only information we've been able to gather comes from ThreeZero's Facebook page and a Toy-People post. We'll probably hear more about both figures in early 2015.

For now, we'll just have to wait for ThreeZero to continue work on the figures until their imminent release, which we hope is sooner rather than later.