Electronic Arts and California's Great America theme park are partnering up to create a 4D, Mass Effect-themed attraction.

Great America has announced that they're working with EA to create a first-of-its-kind theme park experience. Featuring characters and settings from the Mass Effect universe, this attraction will be featured in Great America's Action Theater. It'll use 4D holographic effects (most likely a 3D screen with some fans or smoke in the room for enhanced realism), featuring a live performer in the room and other kinds of special effects. It will likely be something similar to the Star Wars rides at Disney's theme parks.

“Teaming with a world-wide gaming leader like EA will enable us to build an incredible user experiencefor Great America guests,” said California’s Great America Vice President and General Manager Raul Rehnborg. “This combination of technology and creative video game content is sure to usher in a new wave of entertainment innovation at amusement parks.”

California's Great America is located in Santa Clara, California. Its Action Theater currently houses "Mumble's Wild Ride,' which is based off of the Happy Feet series.

“EA and BioWare are thrilled to partner with Great America and see one of our most iconic games turned into an exciting high-tech attraction,” said Patrick O’Brien, Vice President of Entertainment and Licensing, EA. “Having a partner who shares our commitment to thrilling our fans is extremely important to us and we look forward to building an attraction that will appeal to the Mass Effect fan-base and introduce it to many more.”

Great America's 4D Mass Effect attraction is coming sometime in 2016.

Great America/BioWare

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