The sixth-scale gaming goodness coming from ThreeZero continues with the official reveal of its Mass Effect Commander Shepard.

Teased earlier this week, ThreeZero's upcoming Shepard figure will be a fully-articulated 12-inch recreation of the Mass Effect protagonist in full N7 armor. He'll come with three pairs of hands, an Omni blade, an M8 Avenger rifle, and the M-5 Phalanx pistol. The ThreeZero exclusive version will also include a helmetless sculpt of John Shepard, based on the images used in marketing Mass Effect 3. The figure will retail for $220.

We've seen plenty of ThreeZero's figures in the past to know that there's a lot of promise in this Shepard figure. It should be noted this is just the first of a planned series, though the company is mum on just what to expect next. We would hope Jane Shepard might not be far behind, but would also love to see what ThreeZero could do with Garrus, Thane and Legion. Our wallets are aching just thinking about the possibilities.

Pre-orders will open on Nov. 20 at 9AM Hong Kong time on the ThreeZero store. There's not a release date yet, but sometime in 2015 is probably a fair estimate.

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