ThreeZero has sent a preview image of its work-in-progress Stryder Titan variant from Titanfall.

The ThreeZero's Facebook has just posted a teaser image of a Stryder Titan figure. This figure is one of the thinner, more agile mechs you can play as in Titanfall. The Stryder is obviously a bit more striped down compared to its cohorts and it pretty much has the least amount of armor out of all the Titan classes, but it's still a formidable opponent. Luckily, it can sprint across a longer distance, sacrificing its defensive capabilities for agile maneuvers, and this figure looks like it does just that.

We should warn you that the previous ThreeZero Pilot and Titan combo is available for pre-order at the Hammond Robotics-worthy price of $430. Unfortunately, there has yet to be any new Pilot figure to be featured with this Titan. Of course, it would be pretty silly to sell a massive Titan figure without a Pilot for it.


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