With no Blight in sight, ThreeZero is headed to Thedas with its Dragon Age: Inquisition figure of Alistair, the Grey Warden.

It's no secret that Dragon Age: Inquisition is a great game. In the short span of time since it's been released, it has had quite a few awards thrown at it. Now, with this new 1/6th scale Alistair figure, fans will be simply throwing their money at ThreeZero. This new Alistair figure will be fully articulate, highly detailed and dressed up in his finest leather armor (though we miss his old Grey Warden gear). At 12.5" high, Alistair is the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. He is adorned with both a shield for high level protection, a sword for slaying all his enemies and exchangeable hands. All of his details were replicated to represent Alistair's in-game detail and his body will feature over 25 points of articulation.

If you're interested in purchasing this figure you'll only have to dole out $150 in order to be the proud owner. There is also the added perk of getting a chest code with your pre-order that will unlock one random in-game item. This will bring the figure back to its roots from the Dragon Age: Inquisition game where Alistair is the potential heir to Ferelden's throne as well as the key companion to the Hero of Ferelden in Dragon Age: Origins.

You can check out some pictures of the ThreeZero Alistair figure from the Dragon Age: Inquisition story as you wait for the pre-order to begin on ThreeZero's official site on March 30.

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