The ongoing war between the Templar and Mages is about to get a whole lot bloodier with Dark Horse Comics' Dragon Age: Magekiller. After a week that already saw Greg Rucka announce a new project at Image Expo alongside Nicola Scott (the supernatural crime procedural Black Magick), on top of ongoing concerns of Lazarus with Michael Lark and the Lady Sabre webcomic with Rick Burchett, it probably felt like Rucka had enough on his plate. As it turns out, there was room for one more new book, announced just before this week's San Diego Comic-Con, and now we know what it is: Dragon Age: Magekiller, a new miniseries based on Bioware's popular series of video games.

A licensed video game tie-in might seem like a surprising step for Rucka, but if you follow him on Twitter, you already know that he's a big fan of Bioware titles like Mass EffectJade Empire and, of course, Dragon Age, and the latter certainly has a pretty engaging setting, built largely around conflicts between mages and a dominant religion that requires them to be kept isolated.

That's where Rucka dives in, alongside artist Carmen Carnero, who previously worked with Rucka on Cyclops. Their story takes DA fans into the decadent capital of the Tevinter Imperium for the first time in the history of the franchise.

When the project was announced at Polygon, Rucka referred to the main character as "The Tevinter Boba Fett":

Dragon Age: Magekiller will begin in the capitol city of Tevinter, just before the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition. It'll mark the first time Minrathous has been directly depicted in Dragon Age canon, and, as a self-described "research junkie," Rucka says Bioware provided all the necessary details he could hope for. Readers of the series will follow the adventures of two protagonists: Marius, the titular mage hunter, and Tessa Forsythia, his handler. Or, to put it in the terms of roleplaying games, she's the Face of the party.

The first issue of Dragon Age: Magekiller will be on sale on November 23.


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