BioWare has launched Dragon Age: Inquisition's first major piece of DLC, 'Jaws of Hakkon,' for Xbox One and PC, and released a new trailer to get us hyped for it.

Dragon Age: Inquisition's 'Jaws of Hakkon' DLC expansion has launched on the Xbox Store for the Xbox One and on EA Origins for PC. Despite BioWare announcing the DLC just yesterday, the DLC's debut for the Xbox One and PC versions of Inquisition makes this the first of many timed exclusives affecting the current-gen console war between Sony and Microsoft. As a result, PlayStation users will have to wait (as well as Xbox 360 players) to enter this new zone of Thedas.

For those wondering what could this DLC be about, we suggest you check out our lore summary of what Hakkon is as well as the Xbox Store's description of the DLC:

Discover the fate of the last Inquisitor and the powerful dragon he hunted. Enter an overgrown wilderness filled with Avvar, fiercely independent hunters who settled in the southern mountains of Thedas. Explore their culture to uncover what happened to the last Inquisitor and the dragon he pursued. Find an ancient Tevinter fortress that hides a dangerous secret. In this new adventure, playable within the Dragon Age: Inquisition campaign, you will face powerful foes, gain legendary armor and weapons, and confront an ancient god of war bent on destroying the world. Features: Uncover a lost chapter in the history of the Inquisition and discover the ultimate fate of the last Inquisitor. Explore a vast, new area in Thedas with lush forests and mountainous terrain. Earn the respect of Avvar warriors while destroying an ancient cult. Strengthen the Inquisition through new operations unlocked by your discoveries.

Unforutnately, there's still no word on when this timed exclusive will flap its wings and hit PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 or even Xbox 360. The 'Jaws of Hakkon' DLC is currently available for the PC and Xbox One versions of Dragon Age: Inquisition for the price of $14.99.

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