In celebration of its one year anniversary (has it really been that long?), Respawn Entertainment has made all of Titanfall's downloadable content free.

Titanfall's Season Pass content, including all three of its major map packs, have become free on the Xbox Games Store for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, IGN reports. Respawn Entertainment has made all of Titanfall's DLC free to celebrate its first birthday. It also could be that Respawn is hoping to reignite interest in the franchise. The first of Titanfall's DLC expansions, Expedition, includes the War Games, Runoff and Swampland maps. Expedition brought on various updates and fixes, such as being able to name your Loadouts, look at old scoreboards and letting you toggle custom settings for Private Matches. The second DLC pack, Frontier's Edge, brought on the Haven, Export and Dig Site maps and added the Black Market feature. The IMC Rising map pack contains the Sand Trap, Zone 18 and Backwater maps.

Scuttlebutt claims that Respawn is already gearing up for the sequel of Titanfall, but the game will no longer have its Xbox-exclusivity deal in place, suggesting that we could be seeing Titanfall 2 come out on PlayStation consoles. There's also word that Respawn is working on a non-Titanfall-related third-person action game now that the studio has hired Stig Asmussen as a Game Director. Asmussen is known for directing God of War 3. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the PC version of Titanfall will be getting the free DLC, but we still have our fingers crossed. Titanfall's Season Pass was originally priced at $24.99, with each of these three big map packs costing $9.99 apiece. Thanks Respawn!

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