The Keeper is one of The Evil Within's most memorable characters, so it's fitting that Gaming Heads decided to turn it into a bobblehead. We guess?

Boasting a huge, exaggerated Keeper head, The Keeper statue is pretty gruesomely detailed. Gaming Heads announced the pre-order for a different statue back in October, in case you want an even more detailed look into the character that is The Keeper, but now it seems to be delving into a product that is meant more for the average enthusiast. Or at least one with a sense of humor about murderous monsters with barbed wire safes for heads.

The PVC figure comes complete with window box packaging... just in case you're afraid to take the beast out of the box, but still want to display him in his grotesque glory. You can pre-order now on Gaming Heads website for $19.99 because who wouldn't want to flick The Keeper in the head for every time it scared you in the game?

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