Gaming Heads is definitely having a love affair with God of War's Kratos by taking pre-orders of yet another statue of the deity-slaying badass.

God of War's Kratos has taken over Ares' throne in Gaming Heads' newest statue and it doesn't look like he has any intention to leave. Gaming Heads has started taking pre-orders for this Kratos on the Throne statue. There will be two different versions of the statue up for sale, the exclusive, armor-adorned Kratos, and the regular, bare-chested version. Both statues stand at 29 inches tall, which makes it a 1/4 scale figure. The entire piece is caste from high quality polystone resin and has been hand painted.

In the exclusive version, Kratos has not only taken over Ares' throne, but has draped himself in Ares' armor — a further step to prove his takeover. In the God of War series, Kratos confronts and kills Ares, but then realizes that his nightmares will never stop unless he ascends the throne himself.

If you're interested in these statues, you can pre-order them now. The sooner you order the better, especially if you have your eyes set on the $499.99 Kratos on Throne Exclusive statue as it will only have 500 pieces made worldwide. The regular will cost $479.99 and have 1,250 pieces made worldwide. These statues will definitely skyrocket in price via third-party retailers once they sell out, so we suggest scoring one now, especially before that God of War 3 rerelease hits.