Gaming Heads has exciting news for all Dragon Age: Inquisition fans -- it's starting a statue line based on the role-playing game series and Morrigan is its first subject.

Morrigan, a shapeshifting Witch of the Wild joined the Warden as a companion to fight for Thedas against the Blight. This Morrigan statue will show the Witch of the Wilds walking down a staircase while casting spells with both hands. Gaming Heads did an amazing job capturing every detail of Morrigan, from her expression to the texture of her dress. The Morrigan statue was hand-sculpted in high quality polystone and was hand-painted .

There will be two 19.5" figures to choose from: one where Morrigan's right arm is engulfed in flame and one where it isn't. The flaming statue will be an Exclusive Edition and cost $30 more, bringing the statue from $329.99 to $359.99. Both statues are going to be low volume (1,200 statues worldwide for the normal Morrigan and 500 statues worldwide for the Exclusive Edition Morrigan), being that it's a new line. This means that these statues are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want this statue, make sure you head over to Gamer Heads' website now to secure a pre-order.