Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the decrepit insane asylum filled with psychotic monsters, Bethesda releases a teaser trailer for The Evil Within's first DLC— The Assignment.

Bethesda doesn't joke around when it describes something as a teaser; the above video gives us little information to go on about The Assignment. That light-headed creature's pretty spooky-looking, though, so that's something. While The Evil Within featured the occasional section requiring players to hide from monsters (one particularly tense section involving the chainsaw-wielding lunatic comes revving to mind), we've always had the freedom of mobility and a full, third-person view. The Assignment will be mixing it up a bit by sticking players in confined spaces, Alien: Isolation­-style, and leaving it up to the gods of fate as to whether or not we get discovered. Plus, rather than continue playing as Detective Sebastian Castellanos, in The Assignment, you'll be in control of his enigmatic partner Juli Kidman.

The Evil Within is far from a perfect game; this survival horror title from legendary Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami was supposed to be a return to the terrifying games of old. And it is, in a way, but perhaps too much. While The Evil Within is atmospheric and a delicious audio/visual frightfest, but the gameplay and storyline ended up falling short of the high hopes survival fans had for it. Hopefully Mikami and the rest of the team at Bethesda have learned a few things since the game's initial release and will use that to lift their DLC to match our high expectations.

The Evil Within is slated for two more major pieces of DLC later this year— The Consequence and The Keeper.

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