Watch Tango Gameworks' audio department use fruits, noodles and other foods in ways we never thought of in this strange behind the scenes video detailing the sounds of The Evil Within.

This Bethesda Underground video made from the offices of Tango Gameworks features sound designer Masahiro Izumi going into details about how the meaty sounds of The Evil Within are made. Obviously, when a zombie-like ghoul bites into your character, you're not hearing the audio of actual flesh being bitten into. To simulate the toughness of human skin, tendons and the skeletal structure, Izumi actually bites into a ripe cantaloupe in a sloppy manner with a microphone in front of him.

The video shows members of Tango Gameworks' sound department going to the grocery store with a list of edibles to get. In order to simulate muddy footsteps and also as an addition to the zombie bites, Izumi takes wet, prepackaged rice noodles and squishes them together for a sound effect. Izumi must have played with his food a lot as a kid to get this gig.

The Evil Within will provide all sorts of gory, cannibalistic noises when it launches on Oct. 14 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3.

Those sound effects might be gruesome, but these deaths are even more so.