The final DLC for the Shinji Mikami horror epic The Evil Within has officially been teased over on the Bethesda Blog, and it looks like players will get a taste of what it's like to be the Keeper.

The content pack, called "The Executioner," puts players in control of the menacing Keeper, brute strength and all. Per Bethesda's official description: "In the final DLC for The Evil Within, open the safe door and see the action through the eyes (???) of the menacing Keeper. Experience his power and brutality in first person as you square off against  most iconic adversaries of The Evil Within."

There's plenty of that "power and brutality" shown in the fifteen second teaser, with Keeps throwing enemies into spike traps and using a chainsaw with brutal efficiency. It's not often that we get to try things out from the monster's point of view (we're still waiting for the chance to control Tyrant from Resident Evil and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill) so this DLC will be an interesting change of pace.

Frankly we're surprised that The Evil Within still has content coming out so long after release. We thought the DLC was done with the last pack, but Bethesda wanted to give us the chance to meet the Keeper and take the game deeper. We're happy for the opportunity, as it'll be nice to just kick the doors down in this creepy old mansion and kick some ghoulish ass.

The Evil Within's final DLC pack, "The Executioner," will be available May 26 for all consoles and PC.

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