Since the early 2000s, Microsoft and Sony have been bucking against one another for loyalty of the living room. It started with the Xbox against the PlayStation 2, but only got more intense when online gaming and cutting edge hardware came fully into the console equation with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. As these entertainment giants fought to prove their product the most cutting edge in the gaming industry, the players reaped the rewards of the competition.

It’s always in the games where the biggest decisions are made. Who has the best titles? Xbox 360 certainly had its share of fantastic IPs in series like Halo and Gears of War, but PlayStation has almost always been able to answer with its own fantastic software. In the nine years before the PlayStation 3 was officially discontinued, it saw a massive library of both unique console exclusives and shared titles with Microsoft enter its library. We’ve gather together our picks of the 25 best games out of that massive PlayStation 3 library. It was no simple task, but these titles are the ones that if you didn’t have, you heard of non-stop. These are the 25 Best PlayStation 3 Games of All Time.

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