Want more from Shinji Mikami's return to survival horror? You're in luck because here's a new trailer for The Assignment, The Evil Within's upcoming DLC.

Tango Gameworks' The Evil Within launched this past October and now it's finally got a set date for its first major piece of downloadable content, The Assignment. The Assignment will be the first half of a story-oriented experience that will be followed up with The Consequence later this year. In these two DLC packs, you will not be playing as game's protagonist, Sebastian Castellanos. In The Assignment, you will be playing Castellanos' junior detective partner, Julie Kidman.

The DLC's story will aim to cover some of the questions surrounding Kidman's whereabouts throughout the events of Castellanos bloody adventure. However, The Assignment wouldn't be downloadable content without, well, more content. This DLC pack will be introducing not only a new storyline, but new enemies, mysteries and horrors that Kidman will have to overcome. If you've been playing The Evil Within and were wondering why Kidman didn't really help that much, then these two DLC packs are here to satisfy your questions -- you will be able to get to know Kidman in ways that Castellanos himself might not even know her. You will also be able to figure out her mysterious connection to Mobius, because that group is super spooky and surrounded with more questions than answers.

The Assignment will be officially debuting for The Evil Within on March 10  for $9.99 with The Consequence coming sometime in the spring.

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