Just before this past Christmas, the guys over at Team Meat confirmed on their blog that their new game Mew-Genics would be hitting the App Store, in addition to other mobile platforms.

Back in October, we reported that Team Meat would put the iOS version of their indie hit Super Meat Boy on hold to focus on a new project called Mew-Genics. We haven't written much about the game since, but this whole time Team Meat has been releasing little bits of the game here and there over on their blog.

Based on the information that's been released, it looks like Mew-Genics will be some kind of cat-generating game, with an amazing number of different kinds of cats that you'll be able to ... uh, genetically engineer? If the cats are going to be sporting horns and forked tails, there's gotta be some engineering going on. We'll just have to see.

Team Meat has teased that one thing your created cats will be able to do is enter pageants, showing off their various mutations. We'll keep you updated on anything more we hear about this strange game.