Team Meat

Mew-Genics Info
Team Meat has finally given us some concrete information about their mad-science experiment Mew-Genics. Team Meat's Edmund McMillen took to the official Team Meat blog to discuss the game and give everyone a little more detail about what to expect from this odd title. Cat-tastic or a …
Super Delay Boy
When we learned that Team Meat would put an iOS version of Super Meat Boy on hold last October, it didn't seem like too big of a deal. Team Meat had lots of other strange projects in the pipeline for iOS, such as The Binding of Issac and Mew-Genics. But according to this post by Joystiq, i…
Mew-Genics Game
Just before this past Christmas, the guys over at Team Meat confirmed on their blog that their new game Mew-Genics would be hitting the App Store, in addition to other mobile platforms.

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