Team Meat's chunky platformer, Super Meat Boy, is finally hitting the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita next month.

According to its listing on PlayStation's official website, Super Meat Boy will be launching for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on Oct. 6. The game will be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers. On top of that, it will also include most of the original title's post-launch DLC, so expect all that Minecraft and Bit.Trip bonus content. Super Meat Boy was previously exclusive to PC and Xbox for over five years. There's going to be over 300 levels, 33 Trophies, 16 DLC characters and more in this meatballs-to-the-wall platformer.

Original Story:

It's time to temporarily throw vegetarianism aside now that Super Meat Boy is heading to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita for free.

Team Meat has announced that Super Meat Boy is heading to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita as a free game for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Developed by the indie tag team Tommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen, Super Meat Boy is a meatballs-to-the-wall platformer that will test the limits of your video game skills. Refenes and McMillen spent a year and a half of their lives crafting the meaty platformer, and we're glad that they did. You can check out Refenes and McMillen's moving tale of Super Meat Boy's development in the documentary, Indie Game: The Movie. Team Meat mentions that Super Meat Boy wasn't allowed to hit PlayStation consoles for some very complicated legal reasons. Now, the red tape has been cleared and the slaughterhouse is back in business.

Here's what Team Meat had to say about the release:

When Super Meat Boy was launched, Team Meat wasn’t allowed to bring it to the PlayStation for very complicated reasons. They hated that they had to alienate the loyal PlayStation fans who desperately wanted the game but couldn’t have it. They felt their pain as PlayStation fans had to suffer for years without the greatest platformer ever made by two guys named Tommy and Edmund. Team Meat was very sad about this, but what could they do? Their hands were tied.

Earlier this year, Team Meat got an unexpected gift. The gods smiled upon them and opened up a teeny tiny sliver of a path that could eventually lead them to re-release Super Meat Boy. Even though the path would be difficult they knew they owed it to their fans to at least try.

Fast forward to today. We walked that arduous path and with a lot of hard work, a little convincing, and huge scoops of luck we are now here today with huge smiles on our faces to say:


Super Meat Boy will be hitting PlayStation 4 and PS Vita sometime later this year and will be free-to-download for PlayStation Plus subscribers.