Team Meat's Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes are open to doing a proper sequel to their 2010 hit platformer, Super Meat Boy.

After starring in the documentary film, Indie Game: The Movie, Team Meat's Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes are no strangers to the struggles of trying to develop and release an independent video game. Luckily, Super Meat Boy proved to be one of the best platformers of the last generation, and the game saw tremendous success. Within the first 15 months of the game's release, Super Meat Boy sold more than one million copies, and the number has since been climbing (SMB will be launching on PS4 and PS Vita later this fall). While Team Meat is working on an endless runner spin-off called Super Meat Boy Forever, McMillen and Refenes are tossing around the idea of doing a proper sequel to the game.

Here's what McMillen had to say about Super Meat Boy 2 to Game Informer:

An interesting thing happened in the midst of chaos. We were like 'How can we finish [Super Meat Boy Forever]? We have to finish this, and I don't know what I'm doing.' That was around the time we realized we could release Meat Boy on other platforms, too. So it was kind of like this change of perspective in a way. What we talked about was possibly working on a sequel, and it's something that I like a lot. There were aspects of Forever that were moves that Meat Boy did...that we were prototyping that felt like they could be better used in a sequel. The future of Meat Boy is definitely up in the air, but a sequel is something that I wouldn't be opposed to doing even though we both said that we wouldn't do it.

Five years ago, Team Meat announced that they didn't want to make a sequel. Now that some time has passed, the two developers have changed their minds.

"We purposefully avoided working on another Meat Boy because we didn't want to jump back into it," said McMillen.

"You want some ginger in between your sushis," Refenes added.

Super Meat Boy will be hitting the PS Vita and PlayStation 4 this fall. Team Meat has yet to set a release date for Super Meat Boy Forever or their cat-breeding game Mewgenics, but Super Meat Boy 2 most likely won't start development until those projects are out the door.

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