Sony has six more games lined up as free downloads for PlayStation Plus subscribers, including Broken Age, Super Meat Boy, Kickbeat and more.

The PlayStation Blog unveiled which six games PS Plus subscribers can download for free throughout October. As usual, there are a few PS4, PS3 and PS Vita games thrown into the mix. Starting on Oct. 6, PlayStation 4 owners with a paid subscription can download Broken Age, Super Meat Boy and Unmechanical Extended. Broken Age is a wonderful tale done by the adventure game gurus at Double Fine Productions. Featuring dual protagonists, you'll play as a boy who is isolated on a ship, desperately seating a way out and a girl who is meant to be the sacrificial offering to a giant monster. Both characters try to escape their fate, and get caught in an unbelievable and wondrous adventure.

Super Meat Boy is Team Meat's meatballs-to-the-wall platformer that features plenty of deaths, but you'll have a trans fat-filled good time playing it. Unmechanical Extended features helicopter gameplay set in a strange place and is available for both PS4 and PS3, whereas Broken Age and Super Meat Boy are available for both PS Vita and PS4.

Speaking of which, PlayStation 3 owners can also download the rhythm game Kickbeat, the hard-hitting Kung Fu Rabbit and the co-op game Chariot. Kickbeat and Kung Fu Rabbit are also available for PS Vita.

Don't forget, you have until Oct. 6 to download September's free-to-download games, which include Grow Home, Super Time Force Ultra, Xeodrifter and more.

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