Sony has six games lined up this month for PlayStation Plus subscribers to get for free throughout September, including four PS4 titles.

The PlayStation Blog announced which games PS Plus subscribers will be able to download for free throughout the month of September. Subscribers will be able to download multiple games on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Starting on Sept. 1, subscribers will be able to download Grow Home and Super Time Force Ultra. Grow Home is about a Botanical Utility Droid who is searching for special flowers and plants to save his home planet. As a result, he's going to have to explore a strange, unknown world by climbing down to its surface from his spaceship via a massive plant. Super Time Force Ultra is all about balls-to-the-wall, side-scrolling shoot 'em up action that Contra fans would love.

PlayStation 4 owners will also be able to download the Metroid-esque Xeodrifter, which is also about exploring strange alien planets. Teslagrad is filled with platforming, spelunking and puzzle-solving (it's available for both PS4 and PS3). Luckily, Super Time Force and Xeodrifter are free for PS Vita subscribers as well. Speaking of PS Vita, LA Mulana EX will offer free, riddle-based adventuring. The last game for free this month is the 2012 revamped version of Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3. Calypso's vehicular tournament of destruction is back.

Don't forget, you have until Aug. 31 to download August's free-to-download titles, which includes Limbo, God of War: Ascension and more.

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