God of War: Ascension

March Sales Down
New analyst estimates reveal the sales of Gears of War: Judgment and God of War: Ascension won't meet expectations, and will result in another down month for the industry.
God of War: Ascension Review
A perennial favorite franchise among the PlayStation crowd, Sony Santa Monica’s God of War series has raged on for eight years. Over that span, we’ve seen six games released across various platforms, all with a new wrinkle to add to Kratos’ story. With God of War: Ascension, the sixth game in the se…
God of Difficulty
It turns out that one section of God of War: Ascension is a bit too hard for the gaming populace. That section is the Trial of Archimedes, a multi-wave battle that takes place near the end of the game that has no checkpoints and few health drops. GoW message boards and fan sites alike have been floo…

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