Sony Santa Monica's God of War: Ascension has only just released, but the developer is already looking well ahead for future multiplayer content.

Speaking on the PlayStation blog, Ascension's director Todd Pappy talked about what the studio was going to do to support the all-new multiplayer mode in the future.

"To that end, we can today confirm a substantial DLC plan," Pappy wrote. "Among which will be new armor and weapons sets, new stages to battle in, and much more."

Anyone who picked up the collector's edition of Ascension will be party to this content for free. The collector's edition included an exclusive season pass, which won't be available to anywhere else. That's a shame, but if the season pass is only geared towards the multiplayer content, it's not that disappointing.

Pappy promised more would be revealed in the coming weeks, but stopped short of giving away any real details. Have you had a chance to play the multiplayer in God of War: Ascension yet?