Next February’s release of The Order: 1886 promises to bring one of the year’s most exciting titles exclusively to the PlayStation 4. Today it was revealed that two special editions will offer even more 19th century goodness to those with a few extra bucks to spend.

An Amazon listing posted today introduced the Collector’s Edition (above), which includes a statue, a sticker sheet and the full game in a collectable steelbox as well as exclusive digital content. The seven inch statue, titled “Galahad Under Fire,” features a full-color representation of the game’s protagonist holding a retro-futuristic rifle and taking cover behind a battle-damaged wall. The collectable steelbox is presented in a faux vintage style, with a weathered steel finish. Four stickers depicting coats of arms from the game are also included.

The $79.99 Collector’s Edition’s exclusive digital package includes in-game DLC as well as additional content to enhance players’ The Order: 1886 experience. The Knight’s Arsenal DLC will grant Galahad Red Knight and Black Knight costumes accompanied by the Prototype Arc Rifle and Arsonist’s Rifle, respectively. A digital version of the game’s soundtrack with additional tracks will also be available, along with unreleased behind-the-scenes footage.

Additionally, the Premium Edition (below) was unveiled on Amazon as well. For $149.99, you'll get the same steelbook, stickers and digital content offered in the Collector's Edition. There's also a completely different statue in the more expensive version, which shows an action scene of Gallahad facing off against a werewolf. The 22-page art book included isn't just stylish, it's also got a hidden compartment inside where it holds a Blackwater vial.

The Order: 1886 is scheduled for a February 20, 2015 release on PlayStation 4.