Sony Santa Monica Studio Community Strategist Aaron Kaufman announced on today's PlayStation Blog that they have addressed the difficulty issues with the Trial of Archimedes section of the title.

"In every God of War game, establishing a well-paced difficulty ramp towards the end of the game is paramount to us," writes Kaufman. "Based on player response, the degree of challenge offered here was short of our goal of being perfectly balanced."

With the 1.03 update, players will receive, "a measured amount of green health orbs and a nominal amount of blue magic orbs." The alteration will affect all difficulty levels.

The update also includes the addition of Marks, which are added multiplayer customizations. There are six Marks that are added in the update, which include the Mark of the Deep for Poseidon and the Mark of the Legionnaire for Ares.

Kaufman added that the Sony team is cognizant of the audio issues that were mentioned by fans, and that they are, "working as quickly as possible to find a fix."