The studio known for the awkwardly awesome, physics-based games I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator have announced its newest game, Worlds Adrift.

Eurogamer reports that Bossa Studios revealed its next project, Worlds Adrift. While Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread revolved around mastering weird physics controls to perform surgery or make toast, Worlds Adrift appears to be a bit more down-to-Earth. At the same time, down-to-Earth is one of the worst phrases to use when describing Worlds Adrift.

This new game is going to be a physics-based multiplayer game where you must traverse a broken world using rope-swinging mechanics. On top of this, you and other adventures must assemble an airship to help reach other areas of the Outlands-like shattered realm of Worlds Adrift. These airships are the kind we fell in love with during Skies of Arcadia and the Final Fantasy series. You have to build them as a team, including the location of every fin, propeller and turbine on the ship's hull. Just make sure everything aerodynamically sound, or the airship won't fly that efficiently.

While no launch window is in sight, Bossa Studios encourages fans to hit Worlds Adrift's official website and sound off on what they'd like to see in the game.