If you thought that Bossa Studios's newest title, I Am Bread, was a joke, you would be completely wrong. It's great, and it's now on Steam.

You can check out the video above of the game I am Bread, where you will play as a piece of bread... who wants to get toasted. I'm not lying, that is its premise. Bossa Studios is the same development company that brought us Surgeon Simulator, the addictingly infuriating game where you have to perform surgeries on a man as the clumsiest hands in the world. If you're looking for another physics-based game where your task is far too daunting then I am Bread is the one for you. You will have to flop across different obstacle courses, rooms and roads and come up with creative ways to get yourself into a toaster without becoming too dirty to eat. You can travel not only through the kitchen, for the beginners, but also through an entire house or take a trip outside for the ultimate challenge. It's been noted that the awkward, floppy physics of the game are a little bit like Goat Simulator, which gives the game a nice feel.

If you're interested in getting in on this dough, you can get I am Bread for PC via Steam. Plus, it's already low price of $12.99 has been knocked down to $9.74 after a 25 percent off launch discount, so you really have no reason not to. $9.74 for the funnest slice of bread you'll ever encounter in your life is a darn good deal.