Bossa Studios has just announced that their insanely fun and difficult game, Surgeon Simulator, will be coming to PlayStation 4.

Become surgeon Nigel Burke as you repeatedly invade the body of your patient, Bob, with everything from scalpels to VHS tapes. This exercise in coordination will test your patience and skill as you try to use both of your hands to grab, push, pull and even smash your way to a speedy, though wholly traumatic, surgery.

Bossa Studios co-founder and Creator-in-Chief Imre Jele said, "Bringing Surgeon Simulator to the PS4® proved to be both an exciting design challenge and a hilarious development experience. This new version definitely escalates the comedy of the original, bringing the physical humour of the game out of the screen and into the living room, which makes testing all the more entertaining!”

You'll be able to use the DualShock 4 to control the action, s we hope you have very steady hands. When you're done cutting, you can use the Share button to upload your surgical showmanship online. This way, your friends can know to never let you apply to med school.

No set release date has been announced for Surgeon Simulator, but it will launch on the PlayStation 4 soon.