E3 2014

The Order: 1886: E3 2014 Preview
Some might now think that based on that trailer The Order is strictly a survival horror game, but that’s simply not true. The demo I played at the Sony booth opens us up to some of the action, and The Order may be better-rounded than we thought.
NHL 15: E3 2014 Preview
In its debut year on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 I’m not sure any game is going to challenge NHL 15 for “most realistic sports game of the year.”
Mortal Kombat X: E3 2014 Preview
With a new generation of consoles now among us, NetherRealm is wasting little time, unleashing Mortal Kombat X at this year’s E3. All I can say is I hope you like blood, because there is a lot of it.
The Sims 4: E3 2014 Preview
I sat down for an extensive demo at the EA booth at this year’s E3, and I found a more robust, more involved Sims game with detail that even I didn’t expect.
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax: E3 2014 Preview
On the surface, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is barely changed at all, as the core fighting mechanics remain unchanged. However, it’s when you dig a little deeper and you begin to dive into P4AU’s more complicated systems, then you begin to understand the beauty of this revision.

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