Bungie has responded to the jokes and negative criticism it has received from Peter Dinklage's infamous lines in its Destiny alpha with a hilarious t-shirt.

According to Polygon, Bungie has made a t-shirt based on the Internet meme inspired by Peter Dinklage's monotonic delivery at the end of the first mission in Destiny's closed alpha. The 'Game of Thrones' actor's dry performance when saying the line "that Wizard came from the moon," was rather absurd in both content and in Dinklage's bored delivery. Combined with the respect and fame the actor has gotten over the past few years, mixed with his noticeably phoned-in performance, many people criticized the sound direction of Dinklage's character, which is the AI companion, Ghost.

Bungie has decided to turn the negative criticism and Internet jokes into something positive by releasing a t-shirt featuring the famous lines. On top of this, Bungie has ensured that all profits from the shirt will be donated to charity. Well done, Bungie. Well done.