This walkthrough of H1Z1's E3 2014 demo features crafting, construction, cars, looting, a spectacular weather system and zombies all throughout.

Jimmy Whisenhunt of Sony Online Entertainment hosts this latest gameplay demo of the zombie apocalypse survival game, H1Z1. This demo was present on the E3 2014 showroom floor, and we now have the chance to see it in action online.

Whisenhunt shows off just how expansive the crafting system of H1Z1 really is. You have to go up to a tree, chop it down (its noise will attract zombies in the area), cut the log into lumber and you can then do a variety of things with the wood, like make a bow by combining wood with some cloth. We also got to see combat in the form of axe-swinging and bow-shooting, Rambo style.

H1Z1 is coming out for both PlayStation 4 and PC as a free-to-play game. The PC version of H1Z1 will be available via Steam Early Access for $20 before its official release later this year.