E3 2014

This War of Mine: E3 2014 Preview
As the door to the home opened, it's elderly owners stood, terrified of their potential fate. Boris was scavenging for meds and whatever supplies he could find. "Are you gonna kill us?" the old man asked. Boris answered with his fists, beating the man and his wife to death. But at lea…
Evolve: E3 2014 Preview
Earlier this year, I stepped into the big shoes of Goliath in Evolve. When presented with an opportunity to play it again, I wanted to see how the experience held up on the other side of the playing field.
Alien: Isolation: E3 2014 Preview
The sickly green light on the screen flashes. Save for the metronomic tones pulsating from the machine, the station is silent. There's nothing to be seen, but this little box is all knowing. Something is there.
Battlecry: E3 2014 Preview
Rather than engaging in full-blown escalations, the world's biggest military powers signed the Blackpowder Treaty, thus banning the use of gunpowder in combat. Instead, disputes would be settled on specific battlegrounds dubbed WarZones, where a chosen few would fight for their country.

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