Bizarro indie platformer I Am Bread receives an update today with the free Starch Wars expansion, adding in space dog fighting to what is otherwise a game about bread trying to climb into a toaster, which makes total sense.

In addition to the counter climbing, kitty litter avoiding, butter battlin' bread gameplay of the rest of I Am Bread, this new Starch Wars update lets players zip around space as a rocket-powered piece of bread. You'll dodge meteors, take down huge battlecruisers, and duke it out against graham cracker-encrusted TIE Fighter knockoffs. It's unlikely that the main game's Edibility factor will come into play here, seeing as how floating through space and being hit by meteors and lasers tends to decrease the deliciousness a bit.

Our hats are off to you, Bossa Studios; just when the public thinks they've got you pegged, you add a space combat simulator to your bread game. It shouldn't be too surprising that the wild-eyed team at Bossa Studios would do something like this, as they are the same mad geniuses who gave us the catastrophically hilarious Surgeon Simulator. We can only hope that the next update to I Am Bread features a crossover with the Goat Simulator goat and the two of them battle it out against a universe too banal to accept their awesomeness.

If you've never considered the trials and tribulations involved in getting a piece of bread to its warm, toasty home, consider giving I Am Bread a try — it's now available on Steam, as is its free Starch Wars Update.


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