Bossa Studios, the creators of Surgeon Simulator, have a new game out for those of you out there who have always wanted to play as... a piece of bread.

I Am Bread is Bossa Studios' newest creation and if you think you know what it takes to make yourself super edible, then more power to you. As a piece of bread, you will conquer not only the kitchen and lounge, but move on to the perilous bedroom and bathroom. The story line for the game isn't quite clear just yet, but the trailer essentially shows a piece of bread flopping around the house trying to make itself into toast. You not only have to pay attention to your edibility, which decreases every time you decide to flop on the ground or flop onto an iron, but also your grip which is how you flop around to begin with. The best advice we can come up with is to stay away from hairdryers at all costs unless you've been properly buttered.

If you're excited to explore all means possible to make yourself toast, you can expect I Am Bread to come out as an Early Access on Steam on Dec. 3.