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E3 2017: Life is Strange: Before the Storm Preview
Dontnod Entertainment surprised just about everyone with Life is Strange in 2015. The episodic mystery covered a range of topics from regret, sexual assault, mental health and suicide, bullying, and most of all, trying to survive as teenage girls in a modern high school. While the dialogue could be …
E3 2017: Detroit: Become Human Preview
For years, writers have struggled with the idea of artificial intelligence growing into something that is more than the sum of a bunch of circuits. Science fiction is filled with tales of robots wanting to be more than their coding, and the concept has filtered down from the likes of Pinocchio to Bl…
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, Episode 5 Review
For the opening few episodes, A New Frontier was as captivating as Telltale's The Walking Dead had ever been. Down the home stretch however, A New Frontier faltered, with the impact and resonance of the finale, "From the Gallows," suffering most of all.
PAX South 2017: Beat Cop Preview
This pixelated point-and-click adventure from Pixel Crow and 11-bit Studios had us diving into the gritty city as a police officer and making tough calls to solve (or even survive) a twisted conspiracy.

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