Comic book films have been a huge success and with them, there are bound to be tie-in video games. Even though Man of Steel received a bit of a lukewarm welcome, a sequel was green-lit featuring the Dark Knight himself. While this may provide some surprising twists in the DC cinematic universe, it becomes a much more intriguing idea for a video game. Think of the possibilities when you have two of the greatest super heroes of all time pitted against one another with you in control. Why make another Arkham game? This is our Superman Vs. Batman Sequel Wish List.

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    Injustice: God's Among Us thrusts these two heroes into a fight, but the story isn't as engaging as you'd like. A Superman Vs Batman game should interweave a narrative and shy away from being a simple fighting game where you play round after round of brawling around Metropolis and Gotham.

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    Classic Villains

    A simple Superman vs. Batman affair would be a bit dull after awhile. Introducing some villains would really spice things up a bit. Why not have Lex Luthor offer Batman help, or the Joker tipping off Superman to the whereabouts of all of Batman's secret gadgets? At the very least, it would make the boss fights more intriguing.

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    The Justice League

    If you're interweaving franchises, you can't avoid at least touching on the Justice League. They could be a help or hinderance. You could have Aquaman intervening in massive brawls between Batman and Superman. They could also provide an alternate storyline where they try to logically solve the rivalry, or at least undermine it so as to prevent innocents from getting hurt as collateral damage.

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    Sneaky Batman

    Let's face it, Superman has the trump card in a physical battle with Batman, but the Dark Knight has always been clever. In previous comics, the Dark Knight has had contingency plans for taking down the Man of Steel if necessary. This could introduce a level of detection and stealthiness to any sort of Batman mission.

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    Huge Urban Maps

    What is the point of doing a Batman vs. Superman game without a sense of epic scale? Confining the characters to a tiny little piece of landscape would be a mistake. We want to see huge cities just waiting to be blasted apart as the two heroes duke it out. How great would it be to fly Batman's plane through the urban canyons of Metropolis while trying to fend off Superman's robots?

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    Detective Vision and X-Ray Vision

    To be honest, both of these heroes have similar abilities when it comes to their vision, so why not implement it as a game mechanic? Superman can see through walls and Batman can use his tech to augment his vision to almost the same degree. It would keep gameplay frantic knowing that either character might be able to see through walls and attack at any time.

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    Switching Playable Characters

    Going through a Superman Vs. Batman game as only one character would be like missing out on half of a story. We should be able to experience the game from both viewpoints. Batman and Superman are somewhat logical and must to have their own reasons for hating each other. If the story is good enough, we should be able to play as both and understand each one's stance.

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    Each hero has had a number of sidekicks throughout their tenure in graphic media. There is no reason why they shouldn't be featured here. They would add a layer to the story and also provide us with some perspective. Imagine that you have to play as Robin defending Gotham while Batman is off on his little argument with Supes? It could provide a whole new bevy of gameplay options as well.

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    This is a video game that would have to be properly paced to be anywhere near enjoyable. Having Bats and Supes duking it out constantly is going to get tiresome. We need levels where they never meet. We need other characters in peril to raise the tension. We need some quiet time at the fortress of solitude and the Batcave. We need sneaky Batman levels while he steals some Kryptonite. We need Superman levels where we fly him around Metropolis trying to find out what Batman is up to. Without this, we're left with a cacophony of action without much enjoyment.

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    Animated Series Voice Actors

    Most of the iconic performances of late for these characters have been provided by animation voice actors. It would only be fitting that they lend their voices once again to these characters to give them life rather than tacking on half-assed sound bits from the Hollywood stars who are too busy negotiating their contract for the next movie. (Also, Kevin Conroy is the true voice of Batman.)