Neo-Paris was an incredible place full of life and beautiful cyberpunk vistas. We want to go back, hopefully sooner than later. Remember Me was a high concept sci-fi action game that melded rhythmic combat with memory games and action. It was a phenomenal title that didn't quite live up to its potential. That's why we have some requests for the sequel. This is our Remember Me 2 Sequel Wish List.

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    Open World

    Neo-Paris was wonderful from the glimpse we were given. And it was just that, a glimpse. Now we want to explore everywhere from the underbelly to the highest of spires without a wall in our way. Remember Me 2 would be a game that has to have an open world. Whether it be similar to Deus Ex's style of leveled open world, or Skyrim's sandbox, that is up to the developers if they ever make it.

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    Mood Alteration

    Manipulation of memory is all well and good, but what if we threw some new powers into the mix? What if your character could manipulate the moods of others to influence their decisions in social situations? Turn the evil CEO jovial for an important business deal and they'll change their mind. There are definite possibilities since memory and emotion are closely linked.

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    More Robots

    With all the advanced technology around, you'd think that someone would have built a few more robots. The ones you do encounter are small and relatively easy to dash to pieces. We would love to see some proper military hardware the size of a tractor trailer powered by the stolen memories of battle hardened soldiers.

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    More Memory Manipulation

    One of the highlights of Remember Me were the brilliant memory manipulation segments. They were original and provided an interactive window into the story and characters. More of these segments would be great as there were too few in the original. It would help give us more insight into the world of Neo Paris and the rest of the cast of characters. It literally allows you to get in their heads.

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    Leaper Stories

    The Leapers were not your run of the mill zombie enemies, the were humans that had their memories scooped out of their skulls with only a vague sense of self left. They were humans starved for emotion and memories. We'd love to know more about these lowly denizens of the sewers and just how many there are. There could be a revolution brewing.

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    Memory Powers

    The powers Nilin possesses are already fun and useful, but we'd like to see a few more. Maybe another character has the ability to manipulate the emotions of their mark utilizing hormones? This would affect their decision making. What about obliterating certain people from someone's memory, which would make talking to informants quite safe from the inevitable double cross?

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    Team of Revolutionaries

    It is time to expand the revolutionaries into a team. Lets have multiple playable characters that you can switch between like Grand Theft Auto V. They can each go about their respective shady activities and meet up for the properly large missions to take on the French government. Seeing the same story from different perspectives would make it much more deep and accessible.

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    Fluid Combat

    The combat coupled with the reactive soundtrack in Remember Me was brilliant. Its one problem was the lack of fluidity and small number of combos. If they could snag a couple members from the Arkham Asylum team, Remember Me would be damn near perfect. The combat needs to be a bit more free form, and reward you with extra damage and upgraded pressens when you utilize the combos.

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    Moral Dilemma

    Fussing with someone's memories can alter their perception of reality and the truth. This brings about all sorts of moral conflict. Inserting some moral and ethical dilemma's into the story would add a new layer to the gameplay and force you to make choices that could effect character relationships and the plot itself.

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    New Characters

    Neo Paris has so many interesting people with millions of memories to explore. It would be great to learn more about the populace. Why not have an intelligent Leaper be a character? Why not someone from a different city? Nilin was a great character, but it is time we got to know more of the denizens of this brilliant and beautiful future dystopia.