Like the original Dark Souls, prepare to cuddle up to your pillow and cry desperately at your own inadequacy. Dark Souls II is on its way to break your gaming spirit and trample all your hopes and dreams. We loved the original Dark Souls and Dark Souls II is shaping up to to be a polished and refined version. It may be masochistic, but we can't help but wish for so much with this sequel. This is our Dark Souls II Wish List.

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    More Magic

    The original offering of classes were somewhat varied, but it felt like it relied heavily on clanking swords together. We would love to see magic make more of an impact in Dark Souls II. Having magic be as capable and efficient as steel would add a whole new way to play the game that would require intelligence and a bit of aiming. It would be extra satisfying to set a monster on fire from across the room.

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    Sneak Attacks

    While Dark Souls had back stabs, we'd really like to see some critical damage and maybe some unique take downs for a bit of variety. Who wouldn't grind through some levels if they knew they'd be awarded with a take down that would make a Ju-Jitsu master blush.

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    More Lore

    One of the most brilliant aspects of Dark Souls was the depth of its lore. The history of Lordran was brilliantly teased at and revealed in tiny nuggets that you had to diligently put together to get a complete view of the whole. Even then, it was cryptic and up for interpretation. For Dark Souls II, it would be fun to get a bit more of that history in an easier to swallow form. Like digging through weapon descriptions for hints.

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    The clever shortcuts in the original were a welcome respite for a weary and wounded hero looking to make it back to safety. For Dark Souls II it should be taken one step farther. Why not allow for more than simple elevators? How about mine carts, stone horses running along aquaducts, or utilize some more transport via giant crow? That would make trudging around the land a little more interesting and exciting. Kicking down ladders and taking the elevator can become quite dull.

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    Now you might think we're a bit nuts asking for more ways to die, but a having an area filled with booby traps you can disarm instead of enemies to fight would make gameplay more interesting. You might even be able to lure a high level enemy into the area and let the traps do the work for you. Nothing would be better than seeing a knight get smashed off a walkway by a huge hammer after he put you down time after time.

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    Moe Character Options

    You don't really have too many options when it comes to designing your character in Dark Souls. Adding a bit of variety might make things more fun. Why not have your physical body reflect in your stats? If you choose a huge burly guy, he won't be as dexterous or fast. If you choose a skinny but light warrior, they'll have less strength and resistance.

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    Smoother Animation

    One of the issues with Dark Souls was the somewhat jerky animations. Occasionally your character would clip into a pre-rendered animation with no smooth movement. It is completely obvious when getting a backstab in on someone. It pulls you right out of the game, and reminds you that everything in front of you is a bunch of swirling pixels.

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    No More Tiny Ledges

    One of the most frustrating aspects of the Dark Souls level design was the occasional need to fight enemies while on tiny ledges. Pair that with inflexible dodge animations and you had recipe for disaster after disaster. All we're asking is for some of those ledges to be a tiny bit wider and feel less like impossible parts of the level we're never supposed to be on.

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    Larger Bosses

    Dark Souls had some properly massive bosses, but it is time we took on some castle sized enemies like in Shadow of the Colossus or Lords of Shadow. Pair their size with the legendary difficulty level of Dark Souls, and these huge bosses would make for some suitably epic gaming. (And they could also smash you into the ground even harder than the usual Dark Souls bosses.)

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    Humanoid Enemies

    Dark Souls had a plethora of monsters for you to eviscerate with a sword, but there were a precious few who could clash steel with you. Fighting something that could block, parry, and backstab you is much more challenging than wailing on a bush like an irate medieval gardener. Adding some humans into the mixture, with suitable AI, would make for a challenging mix up from the usual monster fare.


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