Getting reacquainted with Lara Croft was one of the highlights of the year. She's back with a brand new will to survive and an origin story more incredible than half of the adventurers out there. But, now it is time to take what the reboot had done and run with it, hard, right past all those temple traps and into the sequel. This is our Tomb Raider Sequel Wish List!

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    New Mythology

    Building upon the mythology we are familiar with in the real world allows for Tomb Raider to remain somewhat grounded. They could delve back into Atlantis, explore the Himalayas, or quest for El Dorado. They could even make up more of their own mythology to explore. We just want some more mystery.

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    One of our biggest complaints with Tomb Raider was that the tomb sections were essentially optional. How could tombs in a Tomb Raider game be optional?! It is about time they get back to the franchise roots and get Lara back into some proper crypts.

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    New Playable Characters

    Lara has always been the main focus of the Tomb Raider games, but it is about time we learned more about the other people in her world. How better than to play as them? Imagine having to make it through parallel tunnels disarming traps while swapping between characters. It would more exciting than having to dodge a huge rolling boulder in a South American temple.

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    Self-Assured and Capable Lara

    We were reintroduced to Lara as a young and unexperienced researcher. She gets pummeled and goes to the survivalists school of hard knocks. It is about time that we get the confident Lara that we all know and love. She doesn't have to be a superhero, but it would be nice to play as someone who isn't getting the crap kicked out of her all the time.

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    Glove-Trotting Story

    The island of Yamatai was an intriguing place full of mystery, but it is time to expand the horizons. The next story should involve a lot of globe trotting and be of a truly epic scale. The options for switching up the gameplay based on environment would be a welcome change of pace, and it would allow the design team to go nuts.

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    New Weapons

    The bow and arrow was a great addition to Lara's arsenal. We'd love to see a few more additions to her gear. How about a grappling hook to help move around and knock baddies over? A wrist mounted crossbow would be perfect for stealth missions to take out rival treasure hunters.

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    More Lore

    There is a rule in storytelling that you can never have enough lore explicit or implied. It is time to bring in some of Lara's old friends and characters from previous games. It is time to expand upon Lara's legend by using her old exploits and flashbacks. That will give her an added layer to her already complex character.

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    Shipwrecked on an island and dozens of tombs are all well and good, but bringing Lara into the city might make for an exciting change of pace between raiding crypts. The sins of a previous Tomb Raider title must be forgotten and the urban sprawl should be explored anew.

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    With the exception of a few campfire areas, Tomb Raider was a pretty linear game. The sequel should be all about exploration and having more sandbox areas. It would be the perfect way to satisfy the explorer in all of us. Why not have the aforementioned tombs involve multiple entry and exit points? It would give the game even more replay value.

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    Another thing missing from the Tomb Raider reboot were the traps. Those insidious tricks that send Lara to her doom were a real highlight of the series and it is time for them to make a comeback. Lara is no fool and neither are you. It is time to use your wits again to work your way through the labyrinth of death and steal that golden idol. Lara can make it past anything and she doesn't even need a whip.