Following the disappointment of Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life, it’s not as if anyone has particularly high expectations for a Tomb Raider movie reboot — it wouldn’t have to do too much to surpass the quality of the last film. But Warner Bros. and MGM are apparently working quite hard to get this one as right as possible, and a new report suggests that part of that plan includes having a female leading Lady Croft from the director's chair.

Heroic Hollywood reports that WB and MGM are seeking a “Michelle MacLaren type” to direct the Tomb Raider reboot, although MacLaren seems like an unlikely acquisition since she recently parted ways with WB over creative differences on Wonder Woman (and was subsequently replaced by Patty Jenkins, who was once replaced herself — by Alan Taylor, on Thor: The Dark World).

The studios have no shortage of options if they’re looking for a female to direct, and the decision to focus their efforts on finding the right woman to helm the reboot may be a wise one, lest we wind up with a Tomb Raider film that feeds into the negative criticisms of the series — primarily, how the games contribute to and encourage the male gaze with a scantily clad hero with a stereotypical physical design. Bringing the perspective of a woman to the table could really help — especially one with action chops, like MacLaren. It’s too bad that WB probably isn’t eager to sign her to another project again so soon.

Snow White and the Huntsman and Divergent writer Evan Daugherty is writing the screenplay for the Tomb Raider reboot (which is kind of a bad sign), as this project does not yet have a release date.

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