The Rock and the team behind San Andreas are teaming up once again. This time, they're making a movie based on the arcade classic, Rampage.

While the world is waiting on the next Godzilla and Pacific Rim films, we're going to get a new kaiju flick in the form of a blockbuster adaptation of Rampage, Deadline reports. The film is going to be scripted by Ryan Engle (Non-Stop) and produced by Beau Flynn (The Number 23). It is expected to star Dwayne Johnson after he films Furious 8Rampage is an 1986 arcade classic by Midway where giant monsters named George (an obvious King Kong ripoff), Lizzie (a Godzilla-esque bipedal dinosaur) and Ralph (a massive werewolf) were created from mutated humans. These creatures decimated cities throughout Illinois during the game's events. You played as one of the three monsters and had to advance levels by destroying each building and high-rise in front of you while eating humans and destroying tanks, helicopters and other military vehicles along the way.

Throughout the years, Rampage has hit the Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Lynx, ST, Commodore 64, MS-DOS, NES, Sega Master System and more. It was also re-released, reinvented and remade in a variety of ways over the past three decades, including Rampage World Tour and its subsequent sequels. One of the latest entries of the franchise was Rampage: Total Destruction, which was released for the Wii in 2006.

Since Furious 8 is expected to launch in mid-2017, we have a feeling we won't be seeing The Rock go one on one with the big ones until 2018.