If you're wondering when Remember Me will be getting a sequel, well, the ball's in Capcom's court.

Siliconera reports that although Remember Me didn't have too great of a reception when it came out, there are still many loyal fans who are wondering whether or not it will ever get a sequel. Dontnod Entertainment has admitted that there is storyline written for a sequel to Remember Me, but it is up to Capcom on whether or not it would want to fund and publish it.

Here's what Dontnod Entertainment Creative Director Jean-Maxime Moris had to say about a Remember Me sequel:

I would absolutely love to [work on a sequel]. We know that we would do for Remember Me 2. The main story has been written we know what would add to the recipe. We know what we would fix. It's a game that's ready to be made, but that decision is Capcom's to make.


But, right now our focus is [Life is Strange]. I really hope we will be able to work on more Life is Strange [beyond the five episodes]. We need to capitalize on what we have done. It is a balance of trying different things and capitalizing on what we know. For Season 2 we started bouncing ideas off each other. Obviously we need to see and Square Enix needs to see how the first season does to really decide whether we kick it off or not. So, it’s not in the works, but we have started the very early stages of conception at Dontnod.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait until Life is Strange finishes, with its first episode out now and second launching sometime later this month, before we can even think about Remember Me 2.