Paris-based studio Dontnod Entertainment is developing a new, digital title with the force behind the Final Fantasy series publishing.

Dontnod Entertainment has announced that Square Enix will be putting out its next digital title, Developer reports. That's right, the studio behind last year's original game, Remember Me, will be working with the house of Sephiroth in order to publish a new title on the digital market. There has yet to be any word on what type of game Dontnod is making, whether it is a completely new IP or another entry of a preexisting Square Enix property, such as Deux Ex, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Front Mission or Legacy of Kain. Developer added that Remember Me has sold more copies as a digital download on the PlayStation Network than it did at retail stores.

"We're very excited to be working with Square Enix on our new game," said Oskar Guilbert, Dontnod Entertainment's CEO. "It's a twist on traditional story-driven games and we can't wait to share more with you soon."

We're happy to hear that Dontnod Entertainment has found a new publisher despite recent rumors suggesting that the studio filed for bankruptcy due to underwhelming sales of Remember Me. Hopefully, Square Enix will unveil more details about the project during its E3 presentation next week.

"I've known Oskar and some of the team at Dontnod for quite a while now. They're very talented so they've been on my list of studios I'd like to work with but we've never found the right game until now," said Lee Singleton, COO and general manager of Square Enix London. "We are not ready to announce the game details today, but I can tell you that I'm excited. This game feels refreshingly different from traditional story-driven games and you won't have to wait long before we share more details."