Due out next month, Remember Me is a new action title from Dontnod and Capcom with a decidedly unique combat system. To help you get your customizable combos off the ground, Capcom is offering some Street Fighter-themed moves as an incentive to order the game early.

Remember Me's combat is completely customizable, and uses moves called pressens to establish a foundation. With an Amazon, Best Buy, or Steam pre-order, you'll gain access to the pressens Flash Kick, Spinning Bird Kick, and Dragon Punch. You can see all three in action in the brief video below.

GameStop customers won't be left out in the cold though, as they too have an incentive to reserve Remember Me, though it's not a virtual gift. Instead, those gamers will get an exclusive 24-page Remember Me comic from Dark Horse. The comic features a story and art from Matt Kindt and Matthew Southworth, and tells the tale of one of Nilin's earliest hunts.

Remember Me is due out June 4th for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.