High school's a pretty tense, strange experience, and it's even stranger when you can rewind time like Max Caulfield, the teenage hero of Dontnod's excellent adventure series, Life is Strange. Like the Telltale games before it, Life is Strange is broken up into a series of episodes, the latest of which arrives next week.

In Life is Strange Episode 3: Chaos Theory, Max and her blue-haired bestie Chloe continue their investigation about Rachel Amber, Chloe's friend who mysteriously went missing one day. To find her, they'll break into Blackwell Academy, and Max will probably have to do a bit of rewinding time and talking to lots and lots of people along the way.

If you're a fan of adventure games, Life is Strange is definitely worth your time, as it offers an interesting cast, a cool time-controlling game mechanic, and a great couple of leading ladies. Dontnod had an uphill battle getting this game made, as most publishers the development team approached wanted to change the protagonists into guys. Fortunately, Dontnod stuck to their guns and ultimately found Square Enix was happy to let them make the game they wanted to. As a result Life is Strange stars a pair of really terrific ladies (along with some interesting gals to round out the secondary characters). There are lots of games starring guys, publishers. It'd be nice if a few more took the Life is Strange approach and mixed it up a bit.

Life is Strange: Episode 3 Chaos Theory, arrives May 19th on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and PC.