Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was an unprecedented success and a brilliant reboot to the franchise. It deftly balanced an engaging story with deep and skillful gameplay. Not only that, it was an epic game in length and scope with a stunning soundtrack to complement it. Not only have we already gotten an extended coda to this symphony of a game in Mirror of Fate, but we’re getting a full blown sequel. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 will be bringing us back into the world of Dracula and the Belmonts, but we’ve got some requests if we’re going to invite it into our homes. This is our Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Wish List and some of it is already coming true!

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    Open World

    The level structure of Lords of Shadow lent itself to brilliant linear storytelling, but now it is time to marry the legacy of Castlevania to this new mythology. Having an open world would bring a whole new dimension of exploration to Lords of Shadow 2. If Dark Souls could do it so well, so can Lords of Shadow 2. So far it seems that at least one item on our Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Wish List will be coming true.

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    New Equipment

    That gauntlet was pretty handy. The boots were quite helpful too. The wings would have made things easier from the beginning. All of these upgrades made Gabriel’s journey much more fun. But what about some other additions to his crop of abilities? How about a claw gauntlet that lets him slide down rocks or run along walls. He’s already an athletic chap, why not capitalize on some of it?

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    New Weapons

    Different enemies require different weapons. Everyone knows that. If you’re able to switch out your Combat Cross for something a little more applicable, it would make combat all the more strategic and exciting. Why not a spear to help you with those hard to reach enemies? It could be also be used to pole vault to hard to access areas. What about a hammer to take down some of the more armored foes? It might also be useful when smashing a new way through some ruins. Looks like Gabriel might have a new sword after all.

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    Combat Cross Upgrade

    The Combat Cross is like the swiss army knife of weapons for dealing with nightmare creatures. Throughout Lords of Shadow, it was always at the ready to get you out of a sticky situation. It can help you scale a wall or cut a statue in half. Not to mention, it can reduce werewolves to bits of meat and clumps of fur in a minute flat. It was a satisfying weapon and we hope that it comes back in a new form in the sequel.

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    Combined Magic

    Bouncing back and forth between light and shadow abilities in Lords of Shadow lent a whole new dimension to the gameplay. It made combat more strategic and intelligent. You no longer could simply mash a button to win. But, since Skyrim featured the ability to smash together spells, why not add a third slot to your magic abilities in Lords of Shadow 2. It could open up a whole new range of combat options. You could become even more powerful. Heck, there might even be a contextual piece in the story to make the combo logical.

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    Modern Setting

    The ending of Lords of Shadow teased at a modern setting for the next chapter in Gabriel’s story. This should certainly come to pass. Mashing together the medieval fantasy of the original game with a modern gothic world would make for a hugely entertaining experience. You’ll trade the rock canyons of old eastern Europe for the glass ones of a metropolis. It would be a huge departure for the series and make for some wildly fun gameplay. A modern setting had to be on our Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Wish List and is another one that might be coming true.

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    Blood Sucking

    Those statues in Lords of Shadow that were used for replenishing health and magic were helpful, but what if Gabriel was touched by a vampire and could now replenish his strength with blood? From the looks of the new trailer, he may have the thirst, but will this be a part of the gameplay? We certainly hope so! Need some health? Snatch some little minion and suck it dry for a boost in health or magic. Maybe different beasts could give you different bonuses. At the very least it will be fun to turn the vampire’s weapon against them.

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    Colossus Battles

    These boss battles, although ripped straight from Shadow of the Colossus, were incredibly fun and well done. But, there was always room for improvement. For Lords of Shadow 2, we’d love to see some more of these behemoth bosses. Make them even bigger, more menacing, and more difficult. They are part of the Lords of Shadow landscape and are probably older than the lords of shadow themselves. It is time we awaken a few more from their slumber.

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    One of the highlights of the original Lords of Shadow was the storytelling. It was a deep and engaging story covering everything from love to loss and death. There were heart wrenching realizations, regrets, and troubles that befell Gabriel throughout his journey. We want more. We want a story that transcends the first and breathes even more life into this rebooted franchise.

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    New Mythology

    Our Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Wish List ends with our biggest fingers crossed addition. The first game wove together a tapestry of our favorite nightmare mythology. Everything from witches, to vampires, zombies, and Doctor Frankenstein made an appearance. It is time we delved further into the ancient myths and expound upon the world. Why not a dybbuk, gargoyle, gorgon, or baby dolls? There are plenty of nightmares to fill the world of Castlevania. Lets see more of it.