The Last of Us sequel is inevitable which is why we're expecting The Last of Us 2 to be announced sometime soon. The Last of Us was a game that requires no second story. It could stand alone as a testament to how great an original IP can be in a sea of sequels. But, as with all successful games, there will no doubt be a second installment. If Naughty Dog is going to make another one, we have a The Last of Us 2 wish list we’d like to see in the sequel, before a another clicker tears our throat out.

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    New Characters

    The story of Joel and Ellie has been told. Leave it be. It ended perfectly and to crack open that crafted plot would only serve to taint the journey they had. The world of the Last of Us is large enough to encompass more that a pair of pained and battered individuals. It would be interesting to follow some of the secondary characters during their time after the outbreak. Even better, lets follow some brand new people that we know nothing about. Lets start the Last of Us 2 carte blanche.

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    New Setting

    The Last of Us encompassed a decently large swath of the United States. From the Northeast to the Midwest, an array of scenery is on display throughout the seasons. It is time to explore a new part of the infected world. It would be great to explore parts of Europe and see people holed up in castles reminiscent of the times of the original Black Plague. Imagine having to canoe through the canals and swamps of Southeast Asia with a hoard of runners stalking you from the shore?

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    More Advanced or Evolved Infected

    The three types of infected worked well to keep the Last of Us balanced. But for a sequel, it would be nice to see some more variation. Like the original concept, it could be based on the amount of time a body has become infected. Maybe there is a fourth type that comes after the bulbous bloaters? Like all living things, maybe the fungus has mutated and evolved into something new and even more dangerous. It’s already airborne and deadly, but who knows how much worse it could be. Maybe some decomposing infected in the bayou would be fun to sneak around.

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    New Time Period

    The Last of Us took place around 20 years after the initial outbreak. Why not make a sequel that takes place during that time? Watching a society crumble will always be entertaining. It would also make for a brilliant way to flesh out what exactly happened between the outbreak and the events of the Last of Us. Better yet, why not take us another 20 years into the future? With nature already reclaiming much of the cityscape, what would the world look like 40 years after the outbreak? With Naughty Dog behind the title, it would probably look just as brilliant and beautiful.

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    Different Environmental Puzzles

    In our The Last of Us 2 Wish List, revisiting gameplay elements is usually a good way to call back to the original game. But, the inability to swim was part of Ellie’s character and shouldn’t be used again. Instead, why not implement some new sort of environmental puzzle mechanic that would help enrich one of the new characters?

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    More Playable Characters

    One of the highlights of the Last of Us was the ability to inhabit different characters throughout the course of the story. It entwined the gameplay of different individuals into a coherent and tense storyline. Adding a section that worked like the film Crash, a number of characters converging on the same set of events could add a brilliant and cinematic touch to the story.

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    An Open World

    Bear with us here, but this one might make sense depending on the type of the story selected for the Last of Us 2. Having the ability to sneak past problem areas is a hallmark of an open world game and the Last of Us incorporated it into a linear story. Plus, the world of the Last of Us is just aching to be explored. It would be wonderful to point your character at the horizon and be able to go there. You could play a sort of post-apocalyptic Robin Hood, righting wrongs, and shiving clickers.

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    Survival Mode

    The addition of a Survival Mode would make an already tense experience stretch to the breaking point. Imagine having to scavenge for food, and keep a supply of water and vittles so that your character doesn’t starve. You’ll have to make difficult choices about expending energy to take down a camp of clickers, or simply avoid them and scavenge elsewhere.

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    Infected Animals

    The fungal infection on which the Last of Us is based afflicts many types of spiders. Why, then, wouldn't it jump into other species? Wandering the wilderness in the Last of Us 2 would be much more tense if you knew some hobbling beast that used to be a woodland creature was coming after you. Maybe since the fungus adapted for humans, it could also contaminate lesser primates, too? It could bring some of the 28 Days Later inspiration to the forefront.

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    Less Shootouts

    Spoiler Alert! One of the last fights in the Last of Us is an encounter with the Fireflies which devolves the entire tense gameplay of the last 10 hours into a simple firefight with some guards. This was a serious issue with pacing and made the ending of the game a little less satisfying. So, for our The Last of Us 2 wish list, let’s try to keep the military out of the endgame, shall we?


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